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Gas Money Split is a utility for calculating how much a trip will cost, how much gas will be used, and evenly divides between rideshares. This is the fuel version of a tip calculator.

All you need to input is how many miles you will be traveling, the cost of gas at the pump, and your vehicle's gas mileage.

After tapping the calculate button, you are presented with the total amount of gas that will be used, what that gas will cost, and how much each person will need to chip in. You can even choose to include the cost of tolls in each person's portion.

Select Miles to use US gallons, mpg and dollars per gallon. Select Kilometers to use liters, L/100 km and cents per liter. Note that amounts are rounded.

There are a ton of apps for calculating what your gas milage is, but they do not let you plan out what your trip will cost. Gas Money Split fills this gap.

Note that this app assumes you already know your vehicles gas milage.


  • Calculates the cost of your trip, and what everyone's share is.
  • Switch between miles and kilometers, and amounts are converted.
  • Calculates how much fuel is used based on distance and vehicles gas milage.
  • See how many tanks of gas will be used.
  • Optionally Include the cost of tolls.