Gas Money Split now in the App Store

Apr 21, 2018

Gas Money Split (GMS) for iPhone is now available on the App Store. GMS is a utility for calculating how much a trip will cost, how much gas will be used, and how much each person should contribute. Kinda like a tip calculator.

Available now on:

With so many apps that will help calculate your vehicles gas milage, I was surprised there were not more for trip planning, and none had the ability to include tolls.

Since I often car pool when going on trips, Gas Money Split was born. Now you can figure out the cost of the trip, and how to split it between other people.


  • It's free on the App Store, please rate it if you enjoy it.
  • Calculates the cost of your trip, and what everyone's share is.
  • Calculates how much fuel is used based on distance and vehicles gas milage.
  • See how many tanks of gas will be used.
  • Optionally Include the cost of tolls.

Read more at Gas Money Split.