Bouncy Ball NG now on Mac App Store

Feb 3, 2018

Bouncy Ball NG for Mac has hit the Mac App Store! It supports playing with the keyboard and you can use a control pad. There is just something about the tactile feel I get when using my MFi Horipad Ultimate.

Available now on:


I have to say, playing with the control pad, even though your controls are left and right, still really makes a difference to the way the game feels. I will definitely be using the control pad in future games.

Browse on over to the app store and grab your copy today. Here is what it looks like on the store page. I was actually surprised I didn't see more results when I searched for "bouncy ball" instead of "bouncy ball ng". iOS store returned a ton of results and I ended having to type in full name.

The submission process these days seems to be quick and painless. But I did end up getting rejected a couple times. It's all good learning experience though, and the app is better for it. The first rejection was the app name, which was called Bouncy Ball in the App menu, but Bouncy Ball NG in the window title. The second issue was caused by the application not closing when you close the window. I had no idea how to fix that, but I discovered by accident that when you create a new cross platform project in Xcode, it added the code needed for the app to close. So it boiled down to adding the following code to the AppDelegate:

func applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed(_ sender: NSApplication) -> Bool {
    return true

And that was it! Super easy fix, and I'm much happier that the app closes the way it should.

Check out the trailer here: