Gas Money Split v1.2 for Android and iOS

Apr 28, 2021

Gas Money Split version 1.2 is now available for both iPhone and Android. Version 1.2 has hetter support for metric, now converting between miles and kilometers, mpg and L/100 km, dollars per gallon and cents per liter. Also making an appearance is dark mode, as set by your operating system setting.


Bouncy Ball NG Now Free

Aug 19, 2018

Bouncy Ball NG for iOS and Mac are now free! I wanted more people to be able to enjoy the game, so both the iOS and Mac versions are free.

Gas Money Split v1.1 now in the App Store

Apr 30, 2018

Gas Money Split (GMS) version 1.1 for iPhone is available for free on the App Store. It now supports metric, works on iPad, and you can now rate GMS from within the app.


Gas Money Split now in the App Store

Apr 21, 2018

Gas Money Split (GMS) for iPhone is now available on the App Store. GMS is a utility for calculating how much a trip will cost, how much gas will be used, and how much each person should contribute. Kinda like a tip calculator.


Bouncy Ball NG now on Mac App Store

Feb 3, 2018

Bouncy Ball NG for Mac has hit the Mac App Store! It supports playing with the keyboard and you can use a control pad. There is just something about the tactile feel I get when using my MFi Horipad Ultimate.


Bouncy Ball NG hits the iOS app store

Jan 30, 2018

Bouncy Ball NG iOS and Apple TV versions are abailable on the app store today! You can view the iOS version here. Apple TV version you can find in the Apple TV store.


Progress report 5 Submitted to the app store

Jan 29, 2018

Progress to report on Bouncy Ball NG. iOS and Apple TV versions have been submitted today! Only took 12 builds. Had to kill off one bug, fix an issue with the splash screen on the iPad, but coolest of all was the new music.


Progress report 4 Signing the certs

Jan 25, 2018

Progress to report on Bouncy Ball NG. Beta testing and signing the certificates. Testing is going smoothly. Only a couple minor UI improvements so far. Biggest last minute change was adding diagrams of the controls to the Info screen. I think it helps a lot.


Progress report 3 The home stretch!

Jan 18, 2018

Progress to report on Bouncy Ball NG. The home stretch! Everything is implemented, and just doing a little more testing before posting to the app store. I’m very happy that the Horipad Ultimate also works on my Mac. iPhone X and Apple TV gave me the most trouble.


Progress report 2 Apple TV

Jan 1, 2018

Progress to report on Bouncy Ball NG. Hello Apple TV! So now it will be available for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.


Progress report 1

Dec 7, 2017

Much progress to report on Bouncy Ball NextGen, the iOS/macOS port of Bouncy Ball for the Color Computer. We now have a level selection screen, menu and game sounds, and the timer has been implemented.


Bouncy Ball NG Announcement

Nov 28, 2017

I really had an itch to play Bouncy Ball, the Color Computer game I wrote back in 2016. I also needed to learn SpriteKit for iOS and macOS. So I put the two needs together and created Bouncy Ball NextGen for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Everything from the original is intact, only getting an update to the UI, level flow, and sounds.