Progress report 4 Signing the certs

Jan 25, 2018

Progress to report on Bouncy Ball NG. Beta testing and signing the certificates. Testing is going smoothly. Only a couple minor UI improvements so far. Biggest last minute change was adding diagrams of the controls to the Info screen. I think it helps a lot.

So we are about a week away from submitting BBNG! Signing certificates went smooth as silk using the "Automatically manage signing" option, except for the tvOS build which needed to be signed manually for some reason. Using TestFlight to distribute the iOS and Apple TV apps, and testers have been play testing.

I spent some time recording play through videos for the App Preview videos in the app store. You really have to work at it to make that 30 seconds count! I have seen a number of other apps out there that don't have a video, and I can't understand why they would pass up the opportunity to show people what their game is all about.