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7th run, 5 min interval training

Apr 16, 2015

Man, 5 minutes runs almost killed us! We ended up being out for almost 40 mins, and found that 5 min run, 1 min rest was a little too much. I'm going to back off to 4 min runs, 1 min walk and see how that goes. We went to the end where the goose nest was. Nice change, but more challenging. I think Pauline was doing better on the way out, but I was a little less tired on the way back. I almost cut the run short, but Pauline proded me to keep going. Thanks babe!

6th training run today

Apr 14, 2015

This will be our sixth training run today. 2 min run, 1 min walk for 30 mins. I felt great, was going up the hill much faster then I usually do. I would attribute it to a good massage of my calves, and slightly warmer temps, making it easier for me to breath. Or maybe it was because it was dark out :) The wife was working a lot harder today, where she is usually holding herself back to keep pace. It was the other way today for sure. Can't believe how loud the frogs where :) Weather ws 53F and no wind.

Hiked Douglas

Apr 12, 2015

Good to get out in the sun a do a little hiking. Lots of snow, a little slushy. The breeze was warm up there! Cindy, Tristan, Ryan and Eric. Then met some new faces. Spent a couple hours hiking and sitting on the top. I think I was the only one that brought a lunch of any kind. Tasty sandwich roll. Not as good as the wife makes, but tasty just the same!

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