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Can send programs from Mac to PC-1360

Jun 25, 2015

I got my PC-1360 connected to my cassette interface, and I can now send BASIC and Assembly Language programs from my Mac to the 1360. Here's my first assembly language program, displays 3 bars on the display. Start small right? :) I connected a stereo (mono works too) patch cable from my headphone jack on my Mac to the earphone jack on the CE-126P. I had to turn the volume up on the Mac to close to max before the 1360 heard anything. 


Get your emulator on

Jun 24, 2015

I came across a couple interesting sites while I was looking up information on my old Sharp PC-1360 Pocket Computer. It's a computer that was quite cool in the day. It has an 8-bit SC61860 CPU running at a whopping 768kHz. For the display, it has a 150x32 pixel LCD controlled by SC43537 Display LSI chip. When I found out I could write assembly language programs for the 1360, I was hooked! 


Wake up Kinsman

Jun 08, 2015

Backpacked Kinsman Mt. Lincoln, NH. Distance: 8.25mi. Right across the road from Franconia Ridge, and just south of Cannon Mt.

Backpacked Kinsman with Cindy and Tristan. Hike was harder on me then I hoped, but trail and terrain wasn't too bad. Amazing view of Franconia Ridge from the top of Kinsman. Ran into Bennett and Nelson.


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Tog vs Dino

Available in the Apple App Store.

In this retro blast from the past, relive the action of 80's style hand held games!

A caveman has to eat right? Besides, that big 'ol dinosaur isn't going to miss one or two eggs will she?

Play Tog, the daring Neanderthal as he dodges lava rocks and avoids getting his eggs stolen by pterodactyls flying overhead.

Get close, but not too close, and use Tog's trusty hatchet to knock Dino into dream land and bring her eggs back to Tog's cave. Dispatch a similar fate to the pterodactyls before they steal Tog's hard earned eggs, while he is away from his cave.

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