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Just wrote my first cshell script

Apr 23, 2015

I rather liked it. I have been collecting satelite images for the last couple years, and resulted in over 200,000 files. All of those were being dumped into one directory. With so many in one direcotry, you can't even get a directory listing using ls. To see files I had to use find. It was definitely time to organize the files. 


8th training run, 3 min intervals

Apr 23, 2015

After hurting my back over the weekend while hiking, I had taken 3 days off to rest up. Today we went out for 3 min runs, 1 min walks. We both did quite well, and actually felt just about right. Going to have to get ourself signed up for a color run pretty soon! 

South Moat

Apr 20, 2015

Hiked South Moat Albany, NH. Distance: 5.5mi and 4:47 round trip. Time to top: 2:10, time to bottom: 2:03. Around 50ºF, clear.

Fantasic day. Went with Pauline and Gary D. Had lunch at the top, met some really nice dogs, and 2 that were not nice. One was walking up and didn't see Gary sitting until he was almost on top of him, then was startled when he saw him. Started barking at him. The big black lab started barking, and almost ran away. Little wierd actually.


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Tog vs Dino

Available in the Apple App Store.

In this retro blast from the past, relive the action of 80's style hand held games!

A caveman has to eat right? Besides, that big 'ol dinosaur isn't going to miss one or two eggs will she?

Play Tog, the daring Neanderthal as he dodges lava rocks and avoids getting his eggs stolen by pterodactyls flying overhead.

Get close, but not too close, and use Tog's trusty hatchet to knock Dino into dream land and bring her eggs back to Tog's cave. Dispatch a similar fate to the pterodactyls before they steal Tog's hard earned eggs, while he is away from his cave.

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