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First Demo of ShariEmu running machine code

Jul 05, 2015

I was able to get my emulator running machine code I had just run on my actual PC–1360 pocket computer. This is the first time the screen has been wired into the emulator as well. Prior to this, I was only running unit tests to verify the functionality of the emulators core engine.

It is allowing me to write and test code a lot quicker. Rather then having to load it up on my 1360, I can load it into my emulator, and see if things work. Considering it takes 30 seconds to transfer 1KB of data, that’s a huge time savings!


New tutorial, Assembly #3: Multiply and divide

Jul 03, 2015

I was a little surprised to find the 1360 didn’t have any instructions for multiplication or division. I especially found this hard to believe because this is a scientific calculator. What the heck?

Lucky for me, this presented a perfect opportunity to write a couple simple assembly routines. Check out Assembly #3 Multiply and divide.

PC-1360 Tutorials

Jul 02, 2015

I started a little tutorial series, to document what I am learning about assemble language programming, and what I'm doing on the Sharp PC-1360 Pocket Computer. It's a nifty 8-bit computer from 1987, about the size of an iPhone 6 Plus. The tutorials so far are Assembly #1: Reverse a string, and Assembly #2 String compare. #2 but it isn't polished into tutorial style, but has the program listings.

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Tog vs Dino

Available in the Apple App Store.

In this retro blast from the past, relive the action of 80's style hand held games!

A caveman has to eat right? Besides, that big 'ol dinosaur isn't going to miss one or two eggs will she?

Play Tog, the daring Neanderthal as he dodges lava rocks and avoids getting his eggs stolen by pterodactyls flying overhead.

Get close, but not too close, and use Tog's trusty hatchet to knock Dino into dream land and bring her eggs back to Tog's cave. Dispatch a similar fate to the pterodactyls before they steal Tog's hard earned eggs, while he is away from his cave.

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