About the PC-1360

The Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1360 is a small computer manufatured in 1987. It superceeded the PC-1350 that was built in 1984. The 1360 has an 8-bit CPU that runs at a whooping 768kHz. It came with 8KB of RAM and could be upgraded to 64KB. It had a built in LCD display that ran at a resolution of 150x32 pixels. It had a built in BASIC interpreter. My love for this machine began when my father took me to the computer store while shopping for a PC-1403, and I saw this huge screened pocket computer looking back up at me. At the time I only knew how to program in BASIC. Today, I'm learning assembly, and the 1360 is the machine I'm learning it on. 

I have found that learning assembly on the PC-1360's SC61860 CPU is easier then the Intel and 6809 CPUs. So it's a great stepping stone to move onto other CPUs once you get the hang of assembly.


PC-1360 Specs:

  • CMOS 8 bit CPU SC61860 @ 768kHz
  • 150x32 pixel LCD controlled by SC43537 Display LSI chip
  • 4 KB RAM on 2 * HM6116 chip
  • 40 KiB System ROM (8 KB cpu internal, 32 KB external on SC613256 chip)
  • Integrated piezo speaker (beep only)
  • I/O Sharp custom interfaces for printers and tape recorders
  • I/O RS-232 at TTL level
  • Powered by two CR-2032 lithium batteries (consumption max 5mA during arithmetical computing, 20uA during poweroff)
  • Built-in BASIC interpreter
  • RAM expansion port, for up to 64 KB of RAM


SharpiEmu: My PC-1360 Emulator

SharpiEmu, my PC-1360 Emulator written in Java. Check out the demo video

This has been my test bed for learning assembly. Rather then loading the program onto the PC-1360, I load it into the emulator and can debug using that.

Check out my tutorials and notes:

Assembly notes

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Emulator 101 - How to write an emulator. This is what got me started on writing my own Emulator.

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