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About the PC-1360

The Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1360 is a small computer manufatured in 1987. It superceeded the PC-1350 that was built in 1984. The 1360 has an 8-bit CPU that runs at a whooping 768kHz. It came with 8KB of RAM and could be upgraded to 64KB. It had a built in LCD display that ran at a resolution of 150x32 pixels. It had a built in BASIC interpreter. My love for this machine began when my father took me to the computer store while shopping for a PC-1403, and I saw this huge screened pocket computer looking back up at me. At the time I only knew how to program in BASIC. Today, I'm learning assembly, and the 1360 is the machine I'm learning it on. 

I have found that learning assembly on the PC-1360's SC61860 CPU is easier then the Intel and 6809 CPUs. So it's a great stepping stone to move onto other CPUs once you get the hang of assembly.


PC-1360 Specs:

  • CMOS 8 bit CPU SC61860 @ 768kHz
  • 150x32 pixel LCD controlled by SC43537 Display LSI chip
  • 4 KB RAM on 2 * HM6116 chip
  • 40 KiB System ROM (8 KB cpu internal, 32 KB external on SC613256 chip)
  • Integrated piezo speaker (beep only)
  • I/O Sharp custom interfaces for printers and tape recorders
  • I/O RS-232 at TTL level
  • Powered by two CR-2032 lithium batteries (consumption max 5mA during arithmetical computing, 20uA during poweroff)
  • Built-in BASIC interpreter
  • RAM expansion port, for up to 64 KB of RAM


SharpiEmu: My PC-1360 Emulator

SharpiEmu, my PC-1360 Emulator written in Java. Check out the demo video

This has been my test bed for learning assembly. Rather then loading the program onto the PC-1360, I load it into the emulator and can debug using that.

Check out my tutorials and notes:

Assembly notes

My reverse string example.

My string compare example.

My multiply and divide routines.

My working with arrays example and routine.


Multi platform assembler, asxxxx

pockemul source

Aldweb PC-1360 Info

Machine language reference

Simon's Pocket Computer Resource

Sample assembly program

YASM Assembler, perl

Assembler language reference categorized

Short manual for 1360

Emulator 101 - How to write an emulator. This is what got me started on writing my own Emulator.

Pocket Tools for converting bin and BASIC files to wav format to transfer to your pocket computer.

Online convertion utils for string to hex 


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