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Lee Patterson

Bouncy Ball NG

Action, Side Scroller


Release Date
January 31, 2018

Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac

$1.99 iOS & Apple TV
(Price includes both iOS and Apple TV)

$2.99 Mac

Lee Patterson

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Press Release

Portland, January 31, 2018

Lee Patterson releases Bouncy Ball NG, a game for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Bouncy Ball NG is a side scroller for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Mac. You control the main character, Pixel Pete, who wants to become a 3D bouncy ball. Help him by making it through all the levels to the hideout, where there is a computer that will help.

You control Pete's left/right movement while he perpetually bounces up and down the screen. Think Ping Pong meets Arkanoid meets side scrolling action game. The game is simple, a little frustrating, and very addicting.

The Story
Life as a pixel can be a little 2 dimensional. Pete the pixel is a 3rd generation bouncy ball. His grandfather was from an original pong game, and his father from a break-out style game. Pete dreams of being a 3D bouncy ball. Help Pete navigate levels to the hideout where there is a secret computer lab that can turn 2D objects into 3D. Along the way collect green blocks which will allow you to progress to the next level, and avoid death by falling off the world or touching death blocks.

Bouncy Ball NG is available in the iTunes App Store and Mac App Store.

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About the Developer

Lee Patterson has been programming since the 1980's. He started his career in video games and worked at places like Electronic Arts Canada. Since then he has gone onto business software and is now returning to his passion for video games.

The Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer 3 from 1986, was the machine he cut his teeth on. An 8-bit machine with under powered graphics and sound hardware, but his love just the same. He first learned to program in Color BASIC. He then went on to learn C, C++, and Java.

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to relive part of your younger years, but with all the knowledge you have today? Well Lee figured out how. After buying an old Color Computer 3, and firing up an emulator, he is learning Assembly language and writing software for it; and finding it WAY easier. In fact Bouncy Ball was originally written for the Color Computer! So Bouncy Ball NG is really a reboot of the 8-Bit game.